Rotala invests in new vehicles for Diamond Bus

Rotala Plc continues a major investment program into new vehicles for its Diamond Bus business in the Midlands

Rotala invests in new vehicles for Diamond Bus

Rotala Plc, the parent company for Diamond Bus, has pledged an investment of around £7million into new buses, to bring improved performance and better journey quality to passengers in the region. 

So far, Diamond Bus has benefitted from 24 Micro-hybrid Streetlite buses and 20 Mellor Strata buses. The addition of a further 7 Mellor Strata mini-buses and 6 Micro-hybrid Streetlites to the fleet later this Autumn, means the new bus program had now funded the introduction of over 50 brand new cleaner, greener buses across the Midlands since November 2018.

The design of the smaller Mellor Strata is ideal for use on urban routes, such as those around congested towns and housing estates. Rotala are proud to be leading the way in the West Midlands bus market by investing in these new small and efficient vehicles which offer some great green credentials.

The Euro 6 Engined Strata's have recently been awarded a Low Emissions Bus (LEB) Certificate by the Department for Transport and produce around 15% less emissions compared to equivalent Euro 5 Diesel buses.

Euro 6 vehicles are already the cleanest buses available, but the micro-hybrid system included in the Streetlites make them even cleaner with a 20% improvement over standard Euro 6. This means they are also Low Emission Bus Certified and help to contribute to better air quality for our local towns and cities.

To celebrate the huge investment, all of the new vehicles have been liveried in a new Diamond branding design, featuring a lighter paint scheme and graphics reflecting our vision of a new brighter Diamond.