Rotala PLC invests in Mellor Stratas for Diamond Bus in the West Midlands

As part of a major investment program into new vehicles totalling £3.5million Rotala Plc has recently purchased 10 brand new Mellor Strata Buses for its Diamond Bus Depot at Tividale in the West Midlands.

Rotala PLC invests in Mellor Stratas for Diamond Bus in the West Midlands

The 10 Mellor Strata's have been introduced onto the Diamond Midlands Network, bringing some great benefits with them.

The design of these brand new smaller buses is ideal for use on urban routes, such as those around congested towns and housing estates. These buses may be small, but there is no compromise on space or capacity. The Strata has a total passenger capacity of 22 people and its roomy, light and airy design means passengers can travel in comfort within its modern interior. The low floor bus features 1 wheelchair space and includes modern heating and LED lighting.

Diamond are proud to be leading the way in the West Midlands bus market by investing in these new small and efficient vehicles, which also offer some great green credentials. The Euro 6 Engined Strata's have recently been awarded a Low Emissions Bus (LEB) Certificate by the Department for Transport and produce around 15% less emissions compared to equivalent Euro 5 Diesel buses. Which means these new buses are better for the local environment of our towns and cities.

Diamond will continue with their new bus program in early 2019. To celebrate the huge investment, all of the new vehicles will be liveried in a new Diamond design, featuring a lighter paint scheme and graphics reflecting our vision of a new brighter Diamond.