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Corporate Governance Code

As the Non – Executive Chairman of Rotala Plc, it is my responsibility to ensure that the Company possesses the structures and management abilities to implement successfully the strategy that the Company has adopted. One of the key strands of my role is that of responsibility for an appropriate level of corporate governance for the Company. The objective of good corporate governance in this sense is to ensure that the Company can execute its strategy by:

  • Having the appropriate balance of skills and experience at board level, within senior management and at all levels of the Company;
  • Creating a clearly defined organisational structure and a working environment within which and through which all employees, right up to board level, can work together effectively;
  • Putting in place working processes appropriate to the successful achievement of the objectives set.

In order to meet this corporate governance objective, the Board has adopted the QCA Corporate Governance Code (the “Code”). The Code is framed within ten broad principles which focus on the pursuit of medium to long term value for

shareholders without stifling any entrepreneurial spirit. The Company departs from the application of the provisions of this Code, in the view of the Board, in one matter only:

  • There is no formal performance review of individual directors nor a formal review process of overall board effectiveness (see Principle 7).

Like any such statement, this statement will constantly evolve and will need to be updated from time to time as circumstances change and the Company changes with them.

During the COVID-19 pandemic the Board focused on cash generation and debt reduction. This strategy has put the Company in good stead as the bus industry emerges from the pandemic. The post-COVID-19 business environment is still in the process of its evolution. This paper will therefore continue to evolve in parallel.

John Gunn.
Chairman, Rotala Plc.

Download our full Corporate Governance Code below: