Business and Strategy

Our strategy focuses on areas where there is high demand and need for public transport.

It is the objective of the board to build a business, both by acquisition and organic growth, around depots situated in those parts of the country where there is a suitable density of population and prospects of economic growth.

Thus, in building up the current business of the group, Rotala has acquired the following companies or businesses in the locations indicated:

  • Flights Hallmark and Flights Corporate Transfers (Birmingham)
  • Zaks Bus & Coach Services (Birmingham)
  • Birmingham Motor Traction (Birmingham)
  • Diamond Bus (Birmingham)
  • North Birmingham Busways (Birmingham)
  • Ludlows of Halesowen (Birmingham)
  • South Gloucestershire Bus and Coach (Bristol)
  • Preston Bus Limited (Preston)
  • First Group depots in Worcestershire (Redditch and Kidderminster)
  • Green Triangle Buses (Atherton)
  • Wings (Heathrow)
  • OFJ Connections (Heathrow)

These operations are currently located within our target geographic area in the UK, as shown in our Markets of Operation.