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Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and is the Rotala plc slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending 30th November 2021.

Rotala plc is the holding company for a group of companies providing transport services in the UK. The principal trading entities are Diamond Bus Ltd, Preston Bus Ltd, Rotala Shared Services Ltd, Hallmark Connections Ltd, Diamond Bus (North West) Ltd, Shady Lane Property Ltd and Hallbridge Way Property Ltd 

Rotala plc and its subsidiaries operate wholly within the UK and its suppliers are also predominantly based in the UK or Western Europe. As a general principle therefore it is considered that the risk of the business contracting with organisations engaged in or exposed to modern slavery or human trafficking is very low. At present the Rotala group is not aware of any part of its supply chain where modern slavery or human trafficking is an identified risk. 

Rotala plc and its subsidiaries are generally committed to achieving high standards of corporate social responsibility. 

Risks in the supply chain 
The Rotala group continually reviews the sources of its supplies and examines carefully sources of supply where there is considered to be a risk that the goods have been produced in conditions where modern slavery and human trafficking might have taken or be taking place. 

The Rotala group of companies and its suppliers continually work together to identify critical points in the supply chain with regard to the obligations set out in the Modern Slavery Act. The object of this work is to identify and monitor any risks of modern slavery or human trafficking and agree remedial action if any is necessary. Rotala plc and its subsidiaries will demand that any supplier, where there is a potential exposure to goods or services originating from areas where slavery or human trafficking are identified as a material risk, adheres to its obligations under the Modern Slavery Act. 

The Rotala group, and the relevant procurement staff within it, are trained to be vigilant about the sources of supply that they contract for and to consider carefully those sources of supply which are identified as carrying with them the risks of modern slavery or human trafficking. 

Approved by the Board of Rotala Plc. 

Date: July 2021